Saturday, March 19, 2011

I will find it!

I have vowed to be happy, no matter what. Being stubborn helps. Being adventurous adds. And being arrogant abets. Well, why to let anyone else be my compass?

They tell me to fall in queues and go by the menu
To be jammed in an aisle, towing the world helpless

What if I jump around the kerb, to the wild bushes
Pluck those berries, or rent crayons for a mess
What if I let my feet find their own runway and catwalk into happiness

Why to wait for someone to pronounce the solemn ‘Bon Appetite’?
Isn’t the world a buffet, my plate huge, and my fork the best?

Books to nibble, poems to swig, movies to chew upon
Marinated with wardrobes, pages in the kitchen of a seamstress
Shaken, not stirred, is how one drinks Absolute happiness

Discover the Woman called Life, with an inch-tape and a Richter-scale
So much breadth, so much depth to it, why to sit on the shores and guess

People, their stories, their songs, their heroes, plots and villains
And the way life keeps peeling layers off you, yet the core, the farthest
It’s not a vacation all in all, but it’s a different land, it dares you- happiness

Money, Honey, trash to flash are like a bikini on a beach
What they reveal is good, but what they hide is priceless

To each his own, well right, pick the car, or the guitar
A job is still about finding true love, as wife or mistress
You can either sculpt long CVs or take your scoop of happiness

Running across daisies, opening the wings to fly
Falling out, breaking the herd, coz it’s ok to digress

Gallop on the winds, let some of it run through the hair
Blows, red-eyes, flowers, UFOs with whatever Life has to Bless

Board the storms, they will help you find new ports of happiness

If you can dodge the cookie-cutters, and refuse to be docile
Life is no fairy-tale but you can still be the princess

The crown has some heavy jewels but it can be fun,
Only if you do the right thing & have no one else to impress
The world is your kingdom, arrive, and find your happiness

Well, did a butterfly ever saunter in a harness ?

Life’s a game, but let it be football, not chess

If not in a trousseau, swishing a Flamenco dress

No need to be win Nobels, but live it large, no less

Let passion be your fuel, your heart the GPS

With some cajoling, some butter and a slice of duress
You watch it! I will find MY HAPPINESS

(Dig for it in your own way. It’s around. Oh, and yes, forgot to mention – Be honest. Because being truly happy inside is one thing we can never fake.

It's a wonderful world for sure:

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