Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RockStar: Fly, Cry, Pray… before you die

If you have known LOVE. If you have known GOD. If you have known PAIN, you will cry with RockStar.

This CD is eerie, and powerfully eerie. It sucked me out of everything I was doing from the moment the Courier-wallah called out at the gate. I guess that’s why I had to wait so much and try so much to lay my hands on RockStar’s music.

With a phone call on one hand, and a hot kadhai on flame at the other end, there was no way I had time to open a package.

But I ripped the bubble wrap off with a ladle still in my hand. Uneasy, anxious, excited, with a strange chaos running in my fingers.

Everything went on. The kadhai got fire. The phone was carelessly left in the fridge. Dad kept shouting.

I ceased to operate for five minutes. Rumi’s timeless lines, Ranbir’s breathtaking eyes, Imtiaz’s words, the sketch of every song, the falcon, the lyrics…they just sucked me inside a musical vacuum cleaner.

I was already swaying. I still hadn’t popped the CD inside the music system.

So whatever happened after the magic started erupting out of the black box we call audio-speaker, was expected.

My room turned into something like a holy Dargah for the next few hours.

Every song planted wings. Every song drilled into the wells of heart.

The guitars, for the first time felt like hands folded into a prayer.

There’s everything inside this small round orbit of vinyl whatever.

There’s the bouncing step of Katiya Karun, there’s the ultimate dance of waltzing with your God in Kun Faya Kun, there’s the naughty hop of Sheher Mein, there’s the floating weightlessness and eternal depth of love in Tum Ho, the feeling of legs-and-arms turning into fins and feathers with Hawaa Hawaa, the angry-tearful rebellion in Sadda Haq, it’s all there.

Clouds, oceans, temples, Dargahs, far off places hugged inside mountains, words waiting to be released, dance of the strange person we all cage inside, Sufi trance, slide on the winds, the effortless closing of eyes, their turning moist, their mysterious smile, the involuntary banging of head, the freedom of brain, the angst of heart, the happiness of heart, the mess of hair and tresses as they dance out of their own volition…………..

Rockstar made me float.

It will make every heart do the same.

Float, dance, cry, shout, scream….am sure for every maverick who knows what these words mean:

Tum logon ki is duniyan mein jo bhi main karun tum kahte ho woh galat?

Marzi se jeene ki bhi mein, kya tum sabko marzi doon?

Sach ka path padaye Jab Sach sun hi na paaye.

Tera darr, Tera pyar, Teri maar.. Tu Hi Rakh.

Anyone who has struggled to keep their wings alive and to let their souls dance beyond all cages.

RockStar is an album beyond words. It’s into a different land, a free flight into a familiar universe every heart searches everywhere and aches to find.

Only pure music can make you sing, cry and dance like you are in a Prayer and above everything, everything.

RockStar. It’s Rumi on Guitar.

P.S: Don’t know what to say to Rehman, Ali, Ranbir, every lyricist, guitarist, drummer and the whole team that created this beautiful, majestic, bird called RockStar. You all have become immortal with this.

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Talvinder said...

Musical experience brilliantly laid down.

Instead of getting hooked to Rockstar's music, one gets hooked to your writing skills Lady! :)

You are a Rockstar in the world of writing!!
Keep up the spirit..
and let the world know this rockstar's melodious writings :)