Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Vs Romance


It's not just about dancing in the rain

But mending the leaking roofs together

It's not just about candlelight dinners

But doing the greasy dishes together

It's not just about swinging in the hammock

But rocking the cradle together

It's not just about a long nice drive

But fixing the flat tyres together

It's not just about holding hands

But lifting the furniture together

It's not just about chocolates and Bourbons

But visiting the dentist together

It's not just about sharing a postal address

But sharing THE remote, if you can

It's not just about a cozy Friday movie

But standing in the ticket queue too


It's not just about picking silly eye-lashes

But about counting the wrinkles as sweetly

It's not just about Archies Cards

But handling the Ration-Card together

It's not just about gazing at the stars in space

But giving the space your special one needs

It's not just about giving scarlet roses

But scooping out the weeds in the garden together

It's not just about loving the charms

But about loving the flaws as


It's not just about giving gifts

But about giving sacrifices too

It's not just about great conversations

But about listening the unsaid

It's not just about pillow-talks or pillow-fights

But about making your shoulder a pillow forever

It's not just about how many anniversaries you celebrate

But about how many break-up moments you survive

It's not just about sitting beside

But about STANDING BY, no matter what!

It's not just about some Dates

But about years...and forever....

Love is not the Coke that will fizz out the next or next-to-next Valentine Day

But a wine, that will endure, grow and linger on against all odds.

Happy Valentines:)

To all those who have been blessed with this wine.

Cheers! And a toast to Love above Romance


1 comment:

Manoj said...

If one were to define what goes through the heart and mind after reading this masterpiece, I found it to only get better every time I went back and read it, just like wine :-)

Yes.. A masterpiece... An excellent creation of well crafted thoughts which so clearly differentiate between Permanent Love and Fleeting Romance. Your string of words have a magical way that bind simple emotions together. How true that love can never confine itself to a day, an instant but transcends the realms of time.

Sheer brilliance !!!