Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You wish life was Simple enough?

  • I have always been a nitwit at Mathematics (My School Teacher can vouch for that). Why the heck then does God dish me out this algebra of life?

    MY TEA had gotten cold again.
    It’s a routine I have got used to now.
    Everytime, when my mind gets battered bad enough with a fierce jab from life; and I skedaddle to this little corner by my window for some answers; the little spider on the top nook entangles me along.
    As I watch him weave, thread after thread of a new intricate web, my thoughts accompany his blueprint design and leave me wondering at the similarities life has suddenly taken with this knotty architecture.
    And like that night in class V, when I was fruitlessly sweating away at an algebra equation, I heave a helpless sigh and stare up with blank eyes. “Couldn’t this be a little simpler?”
    The spider was busy with his web, toiling arduously, heedless to my sighs and grudges as ever.
    I took my sight away from the web, shifted a glance to the mason-so-happy-at-work, and suddenly my point of view (literally and figuratively) changed. I took a flashback trip to myself as a happy child at age seven, who used to come by the same window, and watch the same construction site. That child never used to get entangled in the web. She never found it intricate or complex or lifelike etc etc. You know what she rather defined and loved it as? ‘Aesthetic!’ Yes, she indeed manage to find the web a piece of beauty and smart architecture.
    Where the heck did I leave that simple child and accompany this stupid sulking grown-up instead?
    Why didn’t my ophthalmologist detect this big skew of vision?
    We wish life was not this hard equation we need to solve each day.
    If we could only use some simple formulas and be unadulterated of all the pain that spoils a child’s way of life!
    There’s actually a simple trick to attack every complication in life. Check some of my discoveries out…and am sure you would have many more to share ahead.

    In life:

  • Nothing can be more esoteric than trying to understand the complex script of life, wondering and worrying everyday how the other characters would play out next. Here’s a much easier way out. Forget the script. Just play your role well. Get some claps once in a while for a good, graceful dialogue. And get rid of that make-up. You would enjoy it like never before buddy.

  • Expectations. Ah! The rigmarole of life. Shoo them away. At least keep them to the bare minimum. As a very good and wise friend told me yesterday, once you do so…everything that comes in your life then, looks like a bonus. Smarter Mathematics, Eh?

  • Lying. Now, What a waste of human’s knack at embellishment! What a snowball of cover-up lies and gruesome histrionics! Speak out the truth. Leave it there, whether they take it or throw it.

  • Understanding others is the Trigonometry of life’s Mathematics. The only clues to your advantage are ‘being your best’ and ‘being fair’.
    Working up ways for revenge drains so much brainpower. FORGIVE. And then head off for a chilled beer.

  • Each one of us can sheepishly admit by now that hating is an all-time-headache. LOVE. There’s nothing more simple. Believe me.

  • Controlling others’ reactions? That’s a heavy one. How about making sure your actions are good and sincere? Once you have done that, you don’t know how great it feels to grab your worries by the collar and say with a sassy voice, “Go, take a walk.”

  • Pulling out a brawl over party-noise with the neighbour is not a good expense of YOUR time. How about some ear plugs?

  • Planning life like a stock portfolio. Why not live each day as if it were the last and rather invest on the more important stuff.

  • Keeping artificially up on social networks or P3Ps. Fragile. Being someone your friends can always count upon. Vouchsafe.

  • Writing for eyeballs. Why? Writing honestly, sharing thoughts. Why not?

  • Managing the junk of ill will is a rag-picker’s job. Flush away all hard feelings. Relax.

  • Fighting with parents. A little myopic. Try listening to their advice once in a while and switch places, even if just for fun over-the-fence. You may suddenly find your eyes with a changed number.

  • Fuming and fretting over a bad day. Load-Shedding. Switching on ‘Friends’ on the idiot box and being silly with ‘Joey’. Re-charges.

  • Boggled with questions. Out of your territory. At least knowing your answers, or asking the right questions. Your parking area Sir!

  • How to overtake someone in a race. Huh!. Being the marathon runner. More fun and more scores.

  • Struggling with sadness. Bad Debts. Pursuing happiness. Pays off.

  • Blaming the dark. Lazy. Lighting a candle. Bravo.

  • Tracking the barometer. Uff! Carrying a brolly daily. Ah!

  • Cribbing over the menu. Futile. Making a good choice. Smart & Simple.

  • Complaining to God. Complex. Praying. Simple.

    At Work:

  • Slowdown! Oh don’t give me that. There are only two ways when you are shipwrecked amidst this storm. Either worry and lose blood pressure over when and whether you will see the shores. OR survive. Keep swimming till you can. Isn’t that simple?

  • Worrying about job loss can only up the anxiety. Do your job well and have a back-up skill (even carpentry if that be it). Now...Sleep well.

  • Convincing a customer. What a drudgery! Genuinely trying to solve something for him. Slam-Dunk!

  • Haggling. Complex and bad-odoured. Negotiating a win-win. Simple, fast and it-never-stinks.

  • Chasing and keeping power. Unwieldy. Earning respect. Much easier. More durable.

  • Being the boss. Aww! Being the Bud. Wow!

  • Offence. Complicated. Defence. Simpler.

    And in Love…

  • It’s an Einstein’s work to find ‘the’ right man/woman of your life. Here’s something more simple. Be THE right woman/man.

  • Proposing. Getting rose-eyed over someone and then puff-eyed next while you wonder how and when to pop the question? Bare your heart. It’s much simple when the ball is not in your court. You have given your ‘serve’. You only have to wait for how it comes back. Even if it’s a zero, Dude, they still call it a ‘love’, don’t they?

  • Never worry about finding or affording that perfect gift. And if you do, remember that you are at least lucky enough to have someone you can give gifts to. Not many might be as blessed as you are.

  • Relationships. Maze. Love. A straight road.

  • Doing the love autopsy. Esoteric. Donating your heart selflessly to the one you love. Exoteric!

  • If you are struggling with missing pieces in a relationship, yes baby, ‘Love’ is still a patchwork, but you will be surprised to see how long and strong this simple adhesive holds everything together.

  • Staring wide-eyed at misunderstandings. Arcane. Keep doing your efforts gracefully. Satisfying.

  • Giving loud proofs. Courtroom. Doing a silent sacrifice. Justice.

  • And if you think falling in love has been too much of gravity, well think it this way - At least something was strong enough that floored you Sweetie.

  • If the struggle through love seems like a labyrinthine tread, feel lucky that you have at least found someone worth it all. A wise old man once said, “You have never actually lived till you have found someone worth dying for.” Aren’t you better off?

    There are only two ways of living life - Complicated and Simple. One is that makes you worry over ‘tomorrow’ on a ‘yesterday’. And the other lets you sleep snug in the pillow everyday.
    Choose your heart over every other organ.
    That makes all the difference between living like a zombie and sleeping like a child. Dil hamesha left mein hota hai, par…hamesha RIGHT hota hai.

    And mine has just told me that…The spider was just doing his job. I saw it as a web.
    Good Morning!

    (P.S: If you think likewise, share more such bullets on simplicity and let’s make life richer and simpler ahead)

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Awesome piece of work true...wake up call :)